KidsportsmtTop NewsVeteran Safeties Face Challenges in Offseason Market, Seeking Stability
KidsportsmtTop NewsVeteran Safeties Face Challenges in Offseason Market, Seeking Stability
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Veteran Safeties Face Challenges in Offseason Market, Seeking Stability

The offseason commenced with a surplus of veteran safeties flooding the market as teams unloaded players at the position.

This abundance of free-agent safeties made securing lucrative contracts challenging. While Xavier McKinney signed for $16.75 million annually in Green Bay, and Kyle Duggar landed a four-year deal with the Patriots worth $14.5 million per season, such multi-year agreements with substantial payouts were scarce.

For instance, Julian Blackmon, fresh off an impressive season in Indianapolis, struggled to secure long-term stability. Despite his standout performance, the former third-round pick settled for a one-year contract worth up to $7.7 million to remain with the Colts.

Reflecting on his deal, Blackmon expressed his belief that his value warranted more than a one-year contract. However, given the prevailing market conditions, he accepted the terms offered.

Blackmon expressed his satisfaction in returning to Indianapolis, where he’s familiar with Gus Bradley’s system and believes he can excel. However, his desire for long-term security remained unfulfilled.

Despite the challenging free agency market for safeties, Blackmon remained patient and eventually reached a deal that satisfied all parties involved.

While Blackmon secured a contract before offseason workouts began, several notable safeties like Justin Simmons, Eddie Jackson, Quandre Diggs, Micah Hyde, and Jamal Adams are still unsigned.

Blackmon likened the situation for safeties in free agency to the challenges faced by running backs in previous seasons. He emphasized the importance of staying prepared and adaptable in the ever-changing NFL landscape.

The offseason market dynamics, influenced by positional value and saturation, have left many safeties without lucrative deals. While opportunities may arise post-draft and closer to training camp, they may not match the significant contracts seen in the past.

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