KidsportsmtTop NewsTexans’ Offseason Splash: Diggs Trade Signals High Hopes
KidsportsmtTop NewsTexans’ Offseason Splash: Diggs Trade Signals High Hopes
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Texans’ Offseason Splash: Diggs Trade Signals High Hopes

The Houston Texans are making headlines this offseason, with their latest move grabbing attention across the league. The acquisition of wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills underscores the team’s determination to make the 2024 season truly memorable.

In a recent interview with KPRC2’s Randy McIlvoy, Hannah McNair, the Texans’ foundation vice president, shared the excitement within the McNair family about the trade. Hannah revealed that the news of Diggs joining the team prompted audible cheers from her sons, reflecting the widespread enthusiasm among the younger generation.

The Texans’ offseason roster additions go beyond Diggs, with pass rusher Danielle Hunter and running back Joe Mixon also joining the team. Notably, this makes the Texans the first team in NFL history to add players who recorded 100-plus receptions, 10-plus sacks, and 1,000-plus rushing yards in the season prior to their arrival.

These moves come on the heels of the Texans’ successful 2023 campaign, where they captured the AFC South title and advanced to the Divisional Round of the playoffs. It’s evident that the franchise is not content with past achievements and is committed to building on their momentum.

Owner Cal McNair expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season while acknowledging the high expectations placed on the team. He emphasized the importance of daily dedication and hard work in achieving their goals, highlighting the team’s focus on continuous improvement and success.

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