KidsportsmtMLBMookie Betts: MVP, Shortstop, and Emerging On-Air Talent
KidsportsmtMLBMookie Betts: MVP, Shortstop, and Emerging On-Air Talent
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Mookie Betts: MVP, Shortstop, and Emerging On-Air Talent

We’re continually amazed by Mookie Betts’ versatility. Over the past year, the two-time World Series champion not only secured a runner-up spot in the 2023 National League MVP voting but also made a notable shift to the infield, now serving as the starting shortstop for one of baseball’s most celebrated teams.

But Betts isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Alongside his on-field achievements, the 31-year-old has been recognized for his off-field endeavors, earning a nomination for a 2024 Sports Emmy in the Emerging On-Air Talent category. His contributions to Bleacher Report, TBS, and FOX Sports have not gone unnoticed.

Manager Dave Roberts expressed his congratulations, remarking on Betts’ unexpected journey into broadcasting: “I wouldn’t have foreseen this a few years ago, but seeing his willingness to explore new avenues and witnessing his skill as a host is truly impressive.”

Since 2023, Betts has been the host of Bleacher Report’s “On Base With Mookie Betts” podcast, engaging in insightful conversations with fellow MLB stars about their experiences both on and off the field.

“I admire his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and tap into another aspect of his personality,” Roberts commented. “He’s incredibly engaging, asks insightful questions, and performs admirably.”

Betts finds himself in esteemed company as a nominee for the award, alongside other notable figures in sports broadcasting such as Noah Eagle (NBC Sports), Carli Lloyd (FS1), Taylor Rooks (TNT Sports), and Jay Wright (CBS Sports).

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